African Herbal Fusion Tea

This herbal tea is a refreshing, lovely homemade fusion tea with sweet wild grown honeybush as a base blended with refreshing spearmint, lemongrass and small holder grown red hibiscus which gives it a tart note.

Honeybush is naturally grown in the Tsitsikamma Mountains and goes just well with red hibiscus which is a lovely flower to blend with tea and is perfectly grown in the climate of Shire Highlands. Together with Lemongrass and Spearmint, these herbs create a refreshing tea which is great brewed hot and even better on ice.

Malawi, Südafrika
citrus – refreshing spearmint – sweet – tart
50% Honeybush, 20% Spearmint, 15% Red Hibiscus, 15% Lemongrass
Cup Colour
Dry Leaves
course cut Honeybush & Lemongrass with whole dried leaves of spearmint and beautiful hibiscus flowers
3G – 95°C – 250ML – 3MIN
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