Black Hibiscus

Black Hibiscus is a remarkable fusion tea with a perfect twist between large leafed black tea with a sweet honey taste and small holder grown red hibiscus which gives it a fresh-tart aftertaste. This Tea is directly sourced from SATEMWA Tea Estate in Malawi and shows how great the collaboration between Satemwa and small holders works.

The partnership aims to diversify the income of the small farmers by helping them to grow different crops. The result showed up in an outstanding sweet, fresh fusion that is ideal to enjoy as a COLD BREW on a hot summer day!

sweet and woody notes – tart cranberry – juicy – floral - fresh
SATEMWA Tea Estates // Malawi // Africa
Tea Master
Alexander Kay
Cup Colour
large light brown to dark brown leaves, nicely rolled and beautiful hibiscus flowers
Dry Leaves
course cut Honeybush & Lemongrass with whole dried leaves of spearmint and beautiful hibiscus flowers
Brewed Leaves
various shades of brown soft red hibiscus
50% Black OP1, 50% Red Hibiscus
3G – 95°C – 250ML – 3MIN
Brew Cycles
You can brew this 2-3 times
9,50 € (105,56 €/kg) inkl. 7 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten