African Herbal Fusion Tea

This smooth large leafed black tea with a sweet honey taste and a gentle brisk finish is directly sourced and processed by Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi and carefully plucked by a small grower, Jonas Makata.

This tea shows the great partnership between Satemwa Tea Estates and the Msuwadzi small holders association. The collaboration aims to diversify the income of the small farmers by helping them to grow different crops. Enjoy multiple infusions of this liquor with a smooth texture, a moderate briskness to the taste and a lightly sweet flora aftertaste.

Malawi, Südafrika
citrus – refreshing spearmint – sweet – tart
50% Honeybush, 20% Spearmint, 15% Red Hibiscus, 15% Lemongrass
Cup Colour
Dry Leaves
course cut Honeybush & Lemongrass with whole dried leaves of spearmint and beautiful hibiscus flowers
3G – 95°C – 250ML – 3MIN
4,50 € (64,29 €/kg) inkl. 5 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten