Grüne Minze

This Spear Mint is grown by some small holder farmers around Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi. The small holders carefully remove the leaves individually by hand. Afterwards leaves are partly sun dried, partly dried in a controlled micro drier. Brewed leaves give an fresh minty taste. The cup is clean and bright with some spicy touches. Ideal to enjoy pure, hot & cold or in combination with Satemwa green tea. Mr. Limbani Chitseko is one of the 198 farmers from the Msuwadzi Small Holder Tea Growers Association. Mr. Chitseko has about 0.75ha tea and about 0.25ha where he is growing other crops. Mr. Chitseko was one of the first farmers in the association who started with the diversification by plucking 7 day plucking rounds for Specialty Teas. He was also one of the first farmers to start with the herbs & flowers. He is planting pepper mint, spear mint and lemon verbena. Satemwa helped Chitseko with the planting material and the knowledge to grow these new crops. Currently Chitseko became one of the examples for other farmers who like to start up. Quality is the most important thing and Satemwa helps the small holders with drying, collecting, packing and sales of their products. Spear Mint is a perfect evening drink as it is naturally caffeine-free. The leaves are not crushed and kept whole leaf. Make sure to add enough leaves to the pot.

Satemwa Esatate // Mr. Limbani Chitseko
Menta spicita subsp. spicita
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